February / 18 / 2021

MOAI DJ Platform Europe welcomes Jerry & Matix

MOAI DJ Platform Europe welcomes Jerry & Matix

Jerry (Simone 1977) and Matix (Matteo 1979) are two brothers, born in a small town in the province of Ravenna (Italy), who approached the world of disco music in the early 90s, listening to the first commercial acid-house. From spectators of various famous discos in the area, they then become the protagonists playing in 1995 at the Baccara discotheque, remaining resident for five years on Sunday afternoon and participating in several nights of the “TeatriZ”, one of the number one “trendy” Saturdays in Italy in the mid-90s.

Then they have the opportunity to perform in the consoles of the most important clubs in the area and beyond, including: Menhir, ECU, Cocorico, Omen Frankfurt, Echoes, Peter Pan, Villa delle Rose, Energy, Zanzibar, Indie, Shaky Makaky and many others … Thus having the opportunity to share the console with DJs of the caliber of Marco Carola, Ralf, Francesco Zappala ‘, Cirillo, Ricci, Moka, Stefano Noferini, Ricky le Roy, Saccoman and many of the others still present in the Techno and House scene.

In 2010 Jerry and Matix come out with their first two productions, on the Eye Records label, “Two Man One Head” and “Nice Surprise”, in collaboration with producer friend Francesco Bonora, co-founder of the Abstract Theory label, prestigious label (Terrence Parker, Rolando and many others….), to this collaboration than others are added, in particular with friends of the Collective “Fattoapposta”, with whom they create the “Audiojungle” party and many other evenings ” bOOnker “.

Starting from 2013 their collaboration with the Revolution staff of Ravenna begins, which will continue for several years, in various clubs of the Romagna Riviera, being an integral part of a very popular One Night within that musical movement, such as Energy and Storkino, but not only, this will bring them back to their debut venue Baccara di Lugo (TeatriZ) in 2015 as well.

In 2014, they participated and won the first “Dj Contest of Casa Sanremo”, thus receiving the ‘opportunity’ to perform at the A.Franchi stadium in Florence during Vasco Rossi’s tour.

In the following years, the Connecting Dots project was born together with friends of all time, with the aim of giving space to local artists and allowing them to work, with great Italian DJs also appreciated abroad such as Guido Nemola, DJ Octopus, Blue Mondays and many others…

2015 is also that of the return of the TeatriZ project with evenings dedicated to the first Techno with which they were born artistically, twenty years later, they achieved great success!

Another project dear to them and which is very successful was certainly the Paradise Lughe ‘, born on the concept of a party, not necessarily linked to the Club but with a strong connection to the importance of music, which continues until 2019 …

2019 also marks their return to production with the song “have a nice day” produced by Three Hands Records and with the collaboration of friend musician Van Der Kirche.

Currently, Jerry and Matix offer a set that ranges a lot on a musical level, born from their experience of many years on the genre, which allows them to move in different environments, maintaining their characteristic unchanged: to create a precise musical line while remaining unpredictable in the search for the soun

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