MOAI DJ Platform Europe welcomes KNTK

Dj born in Madrid at the end of 1994, his first steps in music were accompanied by a violin, where at an early age he began to study the basics of music to be able to read a score and interpret it.

His musical influences were diverse in his childhood, nourished by the different musical genres he listened to in his family, rap and electronic music was what most caught his attention. However, it wasn’t until the first day of 2015 that he was introduced to techno on stage. He was blown away by the repetitive, pounding beats and instantly fell in love.

He instantly knew that he had finally found his sound, that music with such diverse combinations that he could never get tired of.
Thanks to the years he spent learning to play the violin, he was able to teach himself by ear, watching videos of artists to decipher how the art of DJing could be performed and finding his predominant style. His style ranges from melodic techno to hard techno, through more moderate styles such as techno house, techno, peak techno.

Where he feels most at home is with the fast, hard-hitting rhythms characteristic of darker techno.
Despite having wanted to dedicate himself to it since he first got to know techno, his professional life outside of music left him no room for it. After the pandemic, he took the opportunity to dedicate himself body and soul to it, as he was able to take advantage of the break. Thanks to the closure of the nightlife he was able to start performing in private parties, collaborating in BEAT PARTY Madrid and currently being the Musical Director and resident in BIG DREAMS TECHNO CLUB.


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