October / 3 / 2020

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Llevànte

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Llevànte

Leonardo Simoni, aka Llevànte, was born and raised in Tuscany and from the tender age of 6 he approached the world of music with the use of small drum machines, mainly musically influenced by Lucio Dalla and Fabrizio de André, and internationally by Pink Floyd , Queen and The smiths.

These influences also linked to many trips to America and Europe made in adolescence and post, bring him radically closer to electronic music, finding the right empathy and perfect symbiosis towards the Detroit and Berlin technoho where he is absorbed by that gloom, acidity and industrial sounds present in his songs and in his sets. After completing his goldsmith studies, and always in contact with more forms of art (painting, sculpture), in 2013 he had the turning point, he obtained the place at the Italian Dj Academy in Florence, where he learned and refined the basic and more advanced techniques, where he definitively becomes Producer and disc jockey.

After a couple of years of jolts, studies and insights in the sector, the first job opportunities appear, starting to have collaborations with some of the most popular European labels. All this acts as a springboard for Llevànte’s career. Ibiza, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Nice become fixed stops in his artistic area. From the radio station of Ibiza LOCAFM, to the CDLC of Barcelona where he joins one of his idols, Ben Clock, during a set. Currently in addition to DJ sets, he is very busy with his new productions and musical releases. His latest creation is called “Futura”.

Since 2020 it has also signed an important working and recording collaboration with MOAI Agency. His latest creation, released on 24 July 2020, takes the name of “FUTURA”, where he creates and blends technological and cosmic sounds, with ambient sounds. An adventure, a surreal discovery and an enigmatic journey. Let’s listen to it with the gaze of a Cosmonaut, who moves away from his solid mother earth; discovering the unexplored cosmos. So far but so close. Orphans of a lost universe. Metamorphosis. If I can synthesize my music with one word. Experimentation. Fusion of Tecnho, Dark tecnho, Ambient, Psy and Elettro dance sounds.

A cadence that is punctuated by bass strokes, which blend with our most tender and secret unconscious. Gloomy, cosmic and dark that loosens and opens a constantly evolving vision. An accurate work in particular on the frequencies, the deaf and blind ones we do not pay attention to, creates the perfect pattern for this metamorphosis, spontaneously creates an algorithm perfectly in symbiosis with the violated and unknown forms. The mind, thoughts, eyes and feelings of a Cosmonaut elaborate and give the result to this work I am carrying out.


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