January / 18 / 2021

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Luison

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Luison

Luison’s first contact with music dates back to 1988 when he began his studies at the Rodolfo Halffter Conservatory where he trained in music theory, harmony, piano, trumpet, chamber music, etc. Years later he became part of the Conservatory Orchestra, but his musical interests always made him explore styles outside of his classical education, which made him part of the Young Big Band of Móstoles with which they toured various Jazz clubs such as Sala Clamores or Galileo Galilei in Madrid and several Jazz competitions from different provinces.

In the middle of adolescence Max Mix 11 fell into his hands where, thanks to a VHS tape that came along with the double cassette, Toni Peret explained how a megamix was created and Jose Maria Castells explained his work with a resident deejay in a Barcelonan club, from that moment on He became obsessed with the figure of a DJ and the ability to create music with 2 turntables and a mixer.

Thanks to the party room that the father of a childhood friend had in a small town in Toledo, he was able to have the first contact with a real cabin, hours and hours of practices first with Lenco and later with SL-1200, together with this friend (Stom Wües) years later would enjoy a lot of booth hours throughout the Castilla La Mancha area when the Techno scene was at its peak.

Everything was taking shape little by little without realizing it and in 2007 he can dedicate 100% of his life to electronics, going through the most important Techno clubs in the capital, various festivals and venues throughout the Spanish geography and even crosses borders acting in countries like Germany, France and Luxembourg.
He also begins to publish the first references of him on both national and international labels and presents several radio programs on different stations in the capital.

He arrives in 2017 and decides to make an impasse in his career … 4 years out of the booths and study until 2021 that thanks to MOAI he recovers that illusion that years ago they had managed to make electronics become his way of life .


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