November / 18 / 2020

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Magnolia

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Magnolia

Born in Valencia and residing between there and Ibiza (Spain). This couple of DJs and producers was born in 2018. Edu_loopez has been in the world of music as a DJ since he was very young, by the year 2000 he already won several awards as a revelation DJ of that time and played in the best venues in the Valencian community. NahÏoo faithful lover of music from a very young age to 6 years old he was already beginning to compose, it was not until 2012 when he began his career as a DJ in Ibiza, brightening up the days in the best “chill outs”, “.

Magnolia is born from the love and union that life makes of these 2 people who have had the same dream since childhood and who, although they are totally different from each other, share their passion for music in the same way.

These two DJs have created their own style within electronic music, they are characterized by a lot of percussion and rhythms fused with high-pitched melodies and very strong bass. The fresh and vocal rhythms of the African style are the description of what Nahïoo is in each of his sets, very spiritual and wild, and the methodical and perfect melodic techno of edu_loopez. Modern, stylish, hard-working and perfectionist, they like to surprise, be unique and unconventional, so they work hard and well on each of their sets and the choice of themes.

Their events are usually marked by a small show that goes “in crescendo”. Firstly, a presentation of the set made only by Nahïoo with his rhythms, later a solo by Edu_loopez and his majestic melodic darkness where he always ends up surprising people with his songs; And finally with their famous B2B where they transmit and spread their good energy and passion to the whole world.

They currently have their own recording studio where they are already working on their music.


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