December / 23 / 2020

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Marc MG

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Marc MG

Marc MG began his career as a DJ around the year 95, playing with different mixing techniques and becoming interested in the trance and progressive style, which in those years made a difference in some rooms. It was not until the year 2000 that Marc MG made contact with a venue in Llobregat (Millenium) and Valles (Ciutat la Nit), where he began his most professional path.

Doing sporadic sessions in the rooms of the Hospitalet and San Boi, between 2001-2003, he obtained a residency in the Lokotron room (BCN), on Friday and Saturday afternoons (Mr Lobo).
Already in full artistic maturity, he managed to win a DJ contest, with the defunct television channel Flaix TV, which provided him with a series of collaborations with the radio station Flaix FM at the Forum of Cultures in 2004, combining it with a residence in the Tutan room (Castelldefels).

Since then, Marc MG has not stopped evolving in his role as a DJ, participating in different events on Catalan nights, to highlight the Dsigual room (Santa Susana), the Mataró tents or the Chic room (Roses).

Recently, and without neglecting his DJ side, Marc MG began his career as a producer interested in the deepest sounds and progressive house, achieving good results and his own style to follow. To highlight the themes of him Shogun, Sounds of the earth or Sinergia among others.

Currently, apart from his productions, Marc MG collaborates with the Kalpa label (Onivid) where he makes his presentations and streaming so fashionable lately.


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