November / 21 / 2020

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Mauritius Moenia

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Mauritius Moenia

Maurizio Mura aka “Mauritius Moenia” is a young Italian Music Maker / Dj, born in Cagliari on 7 July 1989 and raised in Portoscuso, a town located on the south-west coast of Sardinia.
It is characterized by its rhythmic sound, made up of different melodies and vocal cuts, as well as for its ability in the console, in mixing various types of musical genres with particular fluidity.

He was carried away by electronic music around the year 2000, thanks to some compilations that his mother used to buy. Equipped with a Walkman and a Hi-fi system, Maurizio extracted the most interesting House / Dance songs, and then created his own customized cassettes. More and more intrigued by the structure of this genre, he decided to do something more, in addition to playlists, so in 2003 he introduced himself in “Computer Music”. He uses “Cubasis 3.0” and “Magix Music Maker” to carry out his first experiments, when in 2009, he gets on good terms with the owner of a club in his country, called “Il Faro” and starts DJing. Maurizio stands out thanks to his careful selection, which ranges from Nu / Jazz sounds to the more lively ones of House Music.

Between 2012 and 2015 he participates in some Dj Contests, even if, he devotes most of his time in production, experimenting * new genres and creating increasingly performing tracks; In 2013 he created his laboratory brand called “MoeniaMusic Experiments” where he entertains a large part of his audience, with some video content with a humorous background. In 2014, together with some of his musician acquaintances, he produced a 13-track album called “Megama”. In 2019 he personally uploads most of his songs to all online portals, making himself a valid artist;

Fueled by his genuine love for music, it is clear that Maurizio will continue to evolve, enthralling new generations and House Music listeners.


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