September / 11 / 2020

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Minoton

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Minoton

Minoton is a Male DJ and Producer from Germany. He‘s Love for Techno Music and bis entry into the Techno scene began in 1996 in in Frankfurt am Main. He started his carrer as a privat DJ in 2001. Since 2016 he plays officially as Minoton. His first own production (Make the Fly EP) was released in 2019 on the Label Nachtwandler Records from Germany.

In 2020 he produced for the Labels Nachtwandler Records , Hardwandler Records and the Alienator Records Group.
Genre: Techno / Hardtechno / Trance / Electro.
Labels: Nachtwandler Records (Germany), Hardwandler Records (Germany), Alienator Records Group (Japan)
Clubs: MS Connexion Mannheim (GER), Elfer Club Frankfurt (GER), Foxy Club Kaiserslautern (GER).

Support from: Toxic D.N.A, Van Dexter, AngyKore, Steve Shaden, Kai Pattenberg, DJ Paradoxx, MHA IRI, Mike Opani, Hannes Matthiessen, Hunter aka TechnoPoet, DJ Kosuke, Ire Dreamer and many more.


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