October / 26 / 2020

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Nomar Boltier

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Nomar Boltier

Ramón Segura, Algecireño and resident of the Line. Lover and crazy of electronic music, practically since I was a child (11 years old)

He started trying to mix from one cassette to another, then he started mixing with a cassette and a cd until he started to get to know the famous belt drive fonstar, followed by some technics and ending with the first pioneer cdjs100 and a maloaded of cds .

In his early twenties, he worked as a Resident DJ in numerous clubs in the area and the Costa del Sol, as well as hiring in exclusive events for presentations of various clothing brands. He was also part of the ‘Energy Rave’ collective at the time of Breakbeat. He spent several years playing at their festivals. In this way, he alternated his studies with his profession and helped him pay extra expenses. Twenty years ago as a DJ.

It has been an all-rounder in electronic music. He has played from the most hardcore techno to the most elegant and soulful underground. He also made some first steps as a producer (EDM Music) and in a totally self-taught way and published his works on Spotify and the vast majority of streaming platforms, something that he left a little aside due to lack of time and that he is currently taking up again with great passion. and dedication, along with his DJ facet.

He considers himself an old school Dj, who measures and perfects his sessions, his musical selection and above all, his way of mixing. His style and what defines him as a deejay, is the style of music so select and exclusive that he plays and his underground sounds (House, Funky, Jackin, Soulful and Nu-Disco).

Now make up your mind, you know the time has come to start your second stage as a DJ and show and make electronic music crazy people happy, showing what you are most passionate about, through all your work.


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