January / 9 / 2021

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Sergio Gee

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Sergio Gee

SERGIO GEE of double nationality, Spanish and Italian, grew up in Milan, where from a very young age he would enter fully into the world of nightlife at the hands of the Joker and Jokerino brothers, organizers of the best parties in Milan during the decade of the 90 passing through big clubs like Le Cinema, Madame Claud, Hollywood, Iliria etc. He acquiring a great musical background at an early age accompanied by great DJs.

His Spanish blood led him to move to Madrid at the age of 22, thus entering the Madrid nightlife and beginning to take his style to Dark Techno and thus further expanding his great musical backpack. The fusion of the Milanese and Madrid scene make Sergio Gee the great DJ that he is today, a very technical, nonconformist DJ that will envelop you with his unique and hypnotic sound, almost magical with strong bass, dark voices and heart-stopping highs that take Techno to another level.

He is currently part of a large KAOS EVENTS project in which he shares the bill with ALEX LOCO, a member of the MOAI ITALIA family among others, and his great friend AXEL GROOVE. Every week he delights us with his sessions, now at a time of pandemic where all the clubs are closed on RADIO CROSSOVER DISCO DANCE AND DJ every Sunday and Monday night, closing the KAOS MUSIC REVOLUTION program, making the radio shake.

His latest project is 2 productions with KAOS that will briefly leave the world of electronics open-mouthed. To conclude, ensure that each live set by this great artist is a unique musical and visual spectacle that you will not be able to forget.


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