January / 28 / 2021

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Stephentrance

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Stephentrance

Stéphane alias stephentrance, born on March 27, 1980, originally from Franche-Comté and currently living in the city of Bordeaux, France.
His passion for electronic music proved to be at the end of the 90s, especially for techno and trance, travelling between Germany and Switzerland.

All these clubs and big festivals have made him want to enter the world of Djing and to orient himself in the world of trance.
Today, after a break, he decided to improve his technical skills by taking his inspiration from the greatest DJs (Armin Van Buuren, Allen Watts, Marlo, Darren Porter, etc.) which allowed him to mix with a particular style.

He was able to express his talent on several web radios, Facebook artist page and multiple trance sites with many live streaming. Discover his universe through his music that will propel you to the heart of trance.


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