October / 5 / 2020

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes The Technocrats

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes The Technocrats

The Technocrats is a Techno music group formed by two djs and producers based in Madrid, they are born musicians, with a great passion for what they do as they show in their work, in which they bet on musical and technical quality.

In their sessions and productions electronic music is their sign of identity, they work with styles that range from the most industrial Techno to the deep sounds of Melodic Techno, they are a versatile group with a recognizable style both in their live performances and in the studio. .

They collaborate very often with artists of different musical styles, which means that their music is always developing and redefining itself. This constant evolution is noticeable throughout their career.

After several years studying in conservatories and sound schools, as well as working in the world of music and entertainment with groups and artists of different musical styles, they began their own career, deciding in mid-2014 to form The Technocrats, giving shape to a project that since then has been consolidating.

Since its inception they have toured the national territory performing in different clubs, festivals and private parties, some examples are: Larios Café (Madrid), Conexion Festival (Toledo), SevenTrees Club (Murcia), Urban58 Club (Madrid), La Finka Club ( Madrid), Alcobendas Patron Saint Festivities (Madrid), Roof Top Hotel Santo Domingo Gran Vía (Madrid), Rosabel Garden (Madrid), European Music Day (Alcobendas / Madrid), Festeen (Matadero Madrid) Municipal Festivities Central District (La Latina / Madrid, Larios Cafe (Madrid)

They also work at The Corporation Radio Live, their podcast radio program dedicated to Techno music, several national and international artists have passed through the program, some of the guests of the program have been Bad Omen (Colombia), Antonio Cuevas (Mexico), Rezzonanca (Slovenia), Ich & Niemad (Germany), Ferran Aguado (Spain), Luis Cortes (Mexico), Blade & Bear (Iran), The Diep (Holland), Falconne (Madrid), The Chef (UK).

In 2016 they released their first reference under the name of «Tropical Midway», since then they have stopped creating us, they have worked with various labels from different parts of the world, launching their productions and collaborating on references from other artists, either from the world of electronic music or other genres.


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