November / 16 / 2020

MOAI DJ Platform introduces Spain´s new ambassadors

MOAI DJ Platform introduces Spain´s new ambassadors

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Spain & Portugal – New ambassadors


Within the MOAI ecosystem, our ambassadors are its foundations.

We are pleased to present our team of ambassadors, combining important names within the national electronic music scene with a new and thriving generation. Their presence and their collaboration reinforce our human team, MOAI’s best asset.

Our ambassadors are the best and most relevant link with our artists from MOAI DJ Platform, consolidating the advancement and spread of our ecosystem. Their task is a cornerstone of our project, and their talent is one of the best supports and examples for those who are at an early stage in their career or those who want to improve it through MOAI.



To cover the Iberian Peninsula, it is a great satisfaction to have in our team:

– Ismael Rivas (Madrid)

– David Medina (País Vasco, Navarra y La Rioja)

– Carlos CMix (Alicante y Murcia)

– Andre Vicenzzo (Cataluña y Aragón)

– Luis Bonias (Valencia y Castellón)

– Jacobo Padilla (Islas Canarias)

– Álvaro Arroyo (Almería, Granada, Jaén y Córdoba)

– Paco Herreros (Islas Baleares)

– Jonathan Casado (Huelva, Sevilla, Málaga, Cádiz y Extremadura)

– Javier Guerrero (Castilla la Mancha)

– Mario Morán (Castilla León, Cantabria y Asturias)

In a short time, we will announce our ambassador for Galicia and Portugal.


We keep on grow unstoppably. We keep on adding experience, professionalism and creativity to our ecosystem.

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