September / 17 / 2020

MOAI Dj Platform North America welcomes Pakal Ferrendiz

MOAI Dj Platform North America welcomes Pakal Ferrendiz

Oscar Fernández, known as Pakal Ferrendiz, was born in Mexico City, at the age of five he discovered his taste for instrumental and classical music, his introduction to electronic music was discovered by listening to the theme of Children by Robert Miles, moved by the Curiosity and sensation that it created in him, he began to investigate more about subgenres such as: industrial, house, dance, trance, eurodance, techno and progressive house, attracted by synthetic, innovative and experimental sounds, his musical selection is part of his emblem that distinguishes it for creating epic and hypnotic appetites.

He entered the music school where he took classes in music theory, music theory and violin, he was part of the ensemble A piacere, in which he participated for six years giving small concerts in different cultural centers, at the same time studying music production and synthesis in the bedroom, Later, he joined the youth orchestra of the Miguel Hidalgo delegation and participated in the youth orchestras meeting in 2018, currently participating in the ll dolce souno ensemble.

Their sound is organic and unique, from the noise of the big city, to the sound of the flows of nature, the soft voices and the melodic and harmonic sounds are part of their musical productions.


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