February / 27 / 2021

MOAI DJ Platform Europe welcomes Airan

MOAI DJ Platform Europe welcomes Airan

Aíran began his passion for music when he was very young, leaning on the booths and learning from everyone, both in styles and in DJing techniques.

The first thing he does is enter PR in several very leading rooms in the area, becoming head of the room in several of them such as LOREN-LU, MELODY, BODEGON, and alternating with rooms on the Valencian Coast such as HEAVEN, VILLADELINA , PUZZLE, BARRACA, etc. He even has his own TROPYCO room, where he hires great DJS from TECHNO-HOUSE, and very advanced styles.

After a while he decides to take a hiatus, but without stopping to fill his music cabinets and closely follow current music news until he decides to train as a good Professional and is trained at the DJS School, at PLASTIC ALBACETE.

His sessions are characterized by Techno-House sounds with great taste. In his sets he shows the quality when choosing the songs that are going to sound.

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