October / 14 / 2020

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Alberto DC

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Alberto DC

This young DJ born and residing in Ávila, has mastered the subtleties of his art during the course of his long and unstoppable career, he began putting records in a disco belonging to a cousin of his in Ávila. Eventually he “graduated” from SCAPE, a well-known club in the same locality, where he slowly perfected a mix of House and Bass-Heavy Grooves sounds that were clearly different from the melodies of most DJs of the time.

He is rightly recognized as a veteran of the Techno scene with over 20 years of experience with digital turntables and systems (Traktor, Ableton and Logic). He is currently a part-time DJ / Producer where he combines hospital work and creating new songs.

He began his career in the world of HardStyle and Hardcore, working in between with Techno and Trance. In recent years he has been focused on Techno and Tech House, “The atmosphere of the Techno scene is great, with a diverse and very enthusiastic audience. Techno is a broad movement in which I have achieved a lot. However, I am not afraid to incorporate trance sounds into my work. The public appreciates that a DJ plays a variety of styles, rather than sticking with it. ”

He has shared a booth with DJs such as: Marco Carola, Gaiser, Matthias Tanzmann, Valentino Kanziani, Paco Osuna, Davide Squillace, System Of Survival, Nima Gorji, Henry Saiz, Dosem, Marc Marzenit, Cora Novoa, Rene, Okain , Grobas, Javi Gonzalez, Javi Union, Psky, Méndez, Gavio, In & Out Project, Juan AK-47, Ivan L and many more…

He has played in venues throughout the national geography such as: FABRIK Humanes de Madrid (Madrid) in different sessions (CODE, SuperMartxé and Reverse), PRIVILEGE CANET Puerto Sagunto (Valencia), KAMELOT Móstoles (Madrid), SALA GB (40 DEGREES) Albatera (Alicante), SHINE Elche (Alicante), ITZELA Oiartzun (San Sebastián), OROSCO Miranda de Ebro (Burgos), HADDOCK (Burgos), ALCHAMY (Burgos), CAMAROTE (Valladolid), ZEUS Medina del Campo (Valladolid)
He has also played at festivals and raves: RAVE KDD MQM Dance 96.1 Matadero de Rivas (Madrid), LA VERVENA AFTER PARTY Calypo Fado (Toledo), MAIN STAGE OF LAS HOGUERAS DE SAN JUAN (Valladolid) Several consecutive years.


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