July / 27 / 2020

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Deetrack

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Deetrack

Since he was a kid, music was his dope. He started to play keyboards before read music. During his youth he discovered electronic music, following artists such as Daft Punk, The Prodigy, and some Djs… then the techno music appeared, and of course even the world of djing, mixing and music production. He got his first turntables and mixer one year later, and there began the path to the world of DJs.

After he learned to mix vinyls, he started to perform in small clubs and parties. In later years, meanwhile getting more experience and improving his technique of mixing, he found his own style: deep bassline and clear kick under a rhythmical drum full of percs; at the top, are moving melodies and riffs, handmade, using ‘old-vibe’ synths and particular sounds (even recorded in external ambients). But the real distinctive style in his performances, is the use of song vocals, acapellas and famous rhythms or riffs, mixed up to the playing track (videos are better to explain: https://youtu.be/eb5D5uFSnwM ).

When he finally got mixing skills good enough, he was able to spin vinyls in bigger clubs, events, and big parties (mostly in Italy and Slovenia) together with international Djs: i.e. Umek, Markantonio, Boriqua Tribez, Ladida, Oxia, etc. The most important step in his music career, appeared when he started to produce his own music! He needed an original and distinctive sound, something which could follow his particular style in mixing.

He started to study ‘Music Theory’, harmony and melody, frequencies and notes, mastering, software for music editing, DAW and VST, etc. He got an ‘Electronic Music Production’ certificate released by the music academy in Milan, where he studied. His first project was created in collaboration with an old friend (with the signature | MAK’N-Tech |), and it was released on Strukture Muzik (label by Sasha Carassi): ‘Party R Us’. After that, he was addicted to music production and worked to many new projects; they were released by different independent labels, and are available in all the main digital music stores.

Some of them were supported and played by the biggest artists in that field. Today, he’s still working hard to create new projects and to improve his sound and skills; he’s also looking for collaborations and remix with every other artist who could be interested. His goal is to become an international pro artist.and to keep enjoying while doing it!


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