October / 9 / 2020

MOAI Dj Platform welcomes Dj Laizer

MOAI Dj Platform welcomes Dj Laizer

Since he was little, Dj Laizer grew up surrounded by music, duran duran, spandau ballet, talk talk, eurythmics, modern talking, etc. So he was always attracted to music in different styles. In 1998 he met the people of Plastik in Barcelona, ​​where Pep Garces introduced him to Ricky Soro and he was the one who taught him to play on vinyl and CD`s. From then on he began to fill his room with records to go to the studio and play there, since at home he did not have the equipment or space to do so.

His first session after that was in a small room in a town south of Alicante where he was playing progressive and cantaditas, after that session many more of the same style came to different towns in Alicante, Valencia and Castellón. Those were his beginnings with progressive and little by little trance, years later he decided to take a leap musically speaking and entered fully into house, a style that attracted his attention, especially the vocal and tribal house. Which continues to play and enjoy today.

In 2010 there was a change in his life, which forced him to move away from the dance floors, technologies, procedures, things changed a lot and that made him rethink whether it was worth continuing and playing again or leaving it permanently. Meanwhile he was investigating the world of production in which he intends to get fully involved and make the music he likes.

Once it was clear to him that he needed to fill that void again, he decided to return with more sessions and bet very hard on Techno, since currently, together with House, they are the styles with which he identifies the most and fill me the most. In his sessions you can find vocal themes, ancient and tribal themes, but above all a lot of energy since he always liked to DJ giving a lot of energy and therefore some softer session. He has returned and he does so to stay stronger than ever.


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