February / 11 / 2021

MOAI DJ Platform Europe welcomes Jesse Mills

MOAI DJ Platform Europe welcomes Jesse Mills

Luis Miguel Carrasco was born in Río San Juan (Dominican Republic). At 5 years old he was given a harmonica, that day he began his passion for music. Years later, (on his ninth birthday) they give him an electric guitar, and so he continues his passion for music.

It was in adolescence (when he went to the house of his brother Dani of his) where he began to see how he played a record, it was when he became interested, and he also began to enter the world of electronic music. Thus, he began his career in the world of Techno, and today he follows his career as a professional giving several surprises.

His genres are Techno, Minimal Detroit. His musical style is minimal, it is very psychedelic and his techno is so personal that when he plays it you know he is.

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