April / 5 / 2021

MOAI Platform Europe welcomes Albert G45M3N

MOAI Platform Europe welcomes Albert G45M3N


I was born in Barcelona in 1970. Since I can remember I have always listened to all kinds of music and my clearest influences are classical, rock, latin rhythms and electronic music, without forgetting jazz, blues and funk. My first intimate contact with music was when I started playing the electronic organ, moving on to some brief studies of piano and solfège, combined with the scrapping of my own double deck player to make my first megamixes. As a teenager, I became interested in computers and in a short time I was playing around with composition programs like Fast Tracker, or the first Cubase. I also collaborated in TVVallirana, a local television channel, doing all kinds of jobs, from sound or camera technician, to production, post-production or director and collaborating or doing radio programs in several local radio stations such as Radio Molins de Rei, Radio Vendrell and Radio Martorell.

I started my career as a DJ in 1997 in El Cel Group (Carpes del Cel Canal Olímpic, Carpes del Cel Gavà, El Cel Sant Boi and El Cel Vilafranca), followed by several clubs and pubs in Barcelona (Discopub Lennon’s) and Tarragona (Discoteca Babylon, Rustic Arms Music Bar) until 2003. Regardless of the musical styles and the time between them, I have always wanted to bring a common thread to my sessions. Mixing culture and fun in the most diverse environments. From 2006 I started to produce events in the cultural association Metal Queens, like the Martohell and Martohell Horns Up festivals until 2008 (Martorell, Barcelona) and Vj sessions in private clubs.

Currently, I’m focused on resuming my career as a DJ and in music production, both in my own projects, as well as those that need my knowledge and share the high cultural power of music.


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