March / 22 / 2021

MOAI Platform Europe welcomes Antonio Ruiz

MOAI Platform Europe welcomes Antonio Ruiz


Antonio Ruiz was born in 1981 in the city of Úbeda (Jaen), currently living in Pedroche (Cordoba). At an artistic level, he is now opting for techno and hard techno sounds, unlike his beginnings producing tracks of more tech house and progressive house styles.

His first influences were the sounds of the 90’s, makina, hardcore, trance… currently influenced by sounds of artists like Niereich, N.O.B.A, Hell-driver… and labels like Eclipse recordings, Dolma Records…

At the age of 20 he started to play in different clubs in Ubeda and surroundings, and he was perfecting his style in the booth. This is combined with several sessions for radio programs of electronic music, getting to have his own program in a radio station in Granada, called “Sensaciones Electrónicas” (Electronic Sensations).

As time went by, he felt more and more attracted to the idea of starting to produce, and began to train himself. In 2013 he began to release his first references as a producer and remixer.

Nowadays he continues DJing techno and hard techno sounds, and producing tracks and remixes for labels such as Black Drop, Teoria Perfekta, Pure Dope digital, SMR Underground, No Pain Records, VapourTrail records, Ushuaia music…

For the future as projects to continue growing as a producer, and the preparation of a set up with elements to interact live in their sets, synthesizers, drum machines…


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