May / 24 / 2021

MOAI Platform Europe welcomes Cold_Minds

MOAI Platform Europe welcomes Cold_Minds


COLD_MINDS is the new stage of Daniel Rivas & Erkorek, who individually add 13 years in the world of the night, consecrating themselves as DJ’s and producers in their genre to Tech / Deep-House, Melodic Techno and Remember (Trance / progressive). These two young Basques of 26 and 36 years old, who started a project together back in 2011 by joining their solo careers, are present in the best clubs in the north.

In the beginning, these two good friends, coincided as residents in a pub in Mondragon (Gipuzkoa). Soon after, they decided to merge, creating Daniel Rivas & Erkorek; a name under which they began to play in renowned venues such as New Guass (Gipuzkoa), where they played from 2012 to 2016 in numerous events. They have also delighted the public in bars and clubs such as ZUL (Cantabria), Txuribeltz (Navarra), Aless├│n (Navarra), ZEN CLUB (La Rioja) and different pubs in the north of Spain, sharing the booth with Marc Maia, Aitor Ronda, Alberto Ruiz, Charles Ramirez, Nic Fanciulli, Cristian Varela, Jon Rundell, Dario Nunez, Stefano Noferini, Filterheadz, Cuartero, Lexlay, Diego Gonzalez, David MK, khris rios, Carlos Perez, Ibailo and Carlos Revuelta.

Since the beginning of this union they created different edits and bootlegs available on their SoundCloud that have been heard in different parts of the planet and contributing sessions to radios such as LOCA FM (Spain) and WUNDERBAAR Radioshow (Germany) among others and 2019 they focused on learning music production, elaborating several tracks. In 2020 they renew themselves, creating COLD_MINDS.


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