March / 22 / 2021

MOAI Platform Europe welcomes D Bird

MOAI Platform Europe welcomes D Bird


Born in Rome, 46 years old, he is a versatile artist, ranging from dance, painting, theatre and music. After approaching professional contemporary dance, at the age of 23 he moved abroad.

He lived in Holland, Germany, France and Portugal for more than 15 years, enriching his artistic experience by working in theatres and music video projects, most recently with the London group «Blur».

He speaks three languages fluently: English, French and Portuguese.

Working with artists from all over the world, he has developed a passion for all forms of art, especially contemporary art and music of all kinds. Artists that have inspired him to approach electronic music are Brien Eno Massive Attack Tricky the Prodigy and Daft Punk and the genres of House, Ambient, Underground, Jungle, Drum’n’Bass and lastly Wonky.

A few years ago, he approached the world of DJs, specialising in House music. In his events he creates environments rich in melodic elements, minimal and deep sounds. He seeks a deep connection where he shares a sensory journey with the audience.

He continues his career in the field of dance as a choreographer, integrating electronic music into his shows and creating multidisciplinary performances where video, dance and music represent contemporary performance art.

His next project is to integrate DJs, Video and Dancers in his sets to create rich performances both musically and visually.

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