March / 29 / 2021

MOAI Platform Europe welcomes Dahl

MOAI Platform Europe welcomes Dahl


Mattias Dahlbäck known as Dahl, started his journey in the early 2000s producing trance, in the beginning he kept himself to himself getting familiar with the daw’s of his choice,  and finding inspiration not at least from the ”big boys” of trance, M.I.K.E Push, Ferry Costen and many more. As the journey continued his heart started to beat fast and hard for techno, deephouse and techhouse, which led him to the DJ-booths across Malmoe.

Today, Dahl is resident DJ at 1 bar and 2 clubs in Malmoe, V, Red Shoe and X, which is a straight up, in your face, techno Club.

To Dahl music is a passion, so as a side project, in 2017 Dahl and his friend Nord started a techno duo, Nord & Dahl, shortly thereafter they had their first release on CTM recordings, in London! After that it just kept going, releases on labels such as YOMO Records run by the legendary trance producer Mike Koglin. Autektone, where they did a remix for T78 himself on The Antidote, Melodark Records, MTN Recodings to mention a few.

Onwards Dahl in collab with MOAI Platform is looking forward to exciting events and thriving dancefloors!

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