June / 21 / 2021

MOAI Platform Europe welcomes Mark Anthony

MOAI Platform Europe welcomes Mark Anthony


My Name is Mark Anthony, I’ve been Djing for over 15yrs starting in 2006,

I began in small bars around London and House parties; you guys must remember them?

Playing Old School House, DnB & of course Jungle.

Five years in I had a break (from public playing) due to family commitments, and came back in 2015, where I held parties in my cabin in the back garden. From those small beginnings in the garden, I started to get bookings: Birthday parties, Anniversaries, Weddings, various private company events, & private functions under the name “Cabin Fever” lol. Don’t knock it till you tried it!!!

With all your mates, and their mates there, it gave you a vibe which you could never get in a big mainstream club.

In 2018 I took to the clubs again not with much success, due to a lot of already established DJ’s. But I persevered and landed a few parties in Croatia – Suncebeat 2018.

I played on Stush and Prophecy of House Boat Parties. During this time, I Played on FOAM Radio, which I was given an opportunity to play in Trinidad & Tobago.

This was a great way to spread my style further abroad. I also played on House Junkies TV based on Facebook, and HouseRadioDigital which was on APP.

Throughout the Pandemic I have continued to play on those platforms,

Nothing but feel good vibes laced with sweet n sexy vocals, and of course it goes without saying HEAVY BASS LINES 🎶

During these uncertain times who knows when there will be another festival or rave, so at present I am playing on twitch.tv/djmarkanthony to keep my skills sharp. I believe, in order to have a successful set you must play for the audience, not for yourself.

This is my number one rule, and with that in mind I spend two days per week listening to new music, and downloading nothing but the best, you can imagine this has to be a real passion, as finding the best tunes takes time.

I rarely repeat music I’ve played before on my own set, as sharing new music and hoping listeners will love what they hear is my passion.