May / 17 / 2021

MOAI Platform Europe welcomes Markyno

MOAI Platform Europe welcomes Markyno


Born in Fucecchio in September 1974, Valentino Montanelli is a young DJ near Florence.

He discovers music thanks to his friends and visits to specialized shops, at the age of 16, he begins to study djng and buys his first 2 1210 technics which will then lead him to reach very compelling personal goals, moreover he also takes piano lessons.

Fascinated by the nightlife at 17 he began to do the Promoter for several clubs such as: concorde and Kama Kama. He begins to be a DJ very cautiously, giving his availability to private parties. At the age of 18 he began working as a DJ in many clubs both in Italy and abroad. Including: Kama Kama, iisomnia, imperiale, ministry of sound London etc. it was the period of the first after hours in which some of the most famous such as exogrove, taverna yesterday, neon the west etc.

At the age of 20, the KKK took part in the start-up of a club in the province of Lucca, where he spent 2 unforgettable years. However, he continues to be a DJ in many clubs in Italy.

Founder of the group that organizes events, called “Pig and Pearls” together with Christian Farias. After two years he created a public relations group called “Animals” with which he organized private parties and pool parties. In the meantime, he begins to cultivate the passion for music production he has carried on until now, with the support of his family and friends.

I am currently collaborating with several radios including: radio loop deep mode re

I conduct a program as a resident that airs every Wednesday at 11 pm in Argentina on sonic wandering radio named Positive Vibes which deals with electronic or progressive house music

I participate once a month in the deep pleasure program once a month on the radio program we will be stoned.

label on which I came out with release : deepmode records , oxyteck limited , trygonometryck, disco floo, pure enjoy recordings,  baikonur recordings , klaphouse , conocious records , unbelievable recordings, cuxta records , boiler underground records ,hypercube records  , sizzled records , .natura viva , food porn music , sungeneration records, musica gourmet , hush recordz, 1101 records, riviera underground , pork records, Shibiza recordings , hog, Deeplomatic ,watchufleiva, dacusan records, music is 4 lovers , lemon juice records , sonaxx records , 48 records , natura viva black , nopreset records, distance music ,habithat label, three hands records. I collaborate with , umberto pagliaroli , mata jones , alfrenk , Francesco Zappala, kricked, Lore j,

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