March / 24 / 2021

MOAI Platform Europe welcomes Abel

MOAI Platform Europe welcomes Abel


Abel, dj from Amposta (Tarragona), has played in most of the clubs in his area, where electronic music sounds or has sounded. A great lover of the decks, his best form of expression, sets with energy and personality. A dj with many hours behind the decks, always in constant practice, to improve the development of his sets. He likes creativity, combining the analogue with the digital, that’s why he keeps playing with turntables and loops and effects devices. He has dabbled sporadically with music production and in one of these dabbles, his first track was released on Beatport in the summer of 2012, made with his friend and colleague Sinus Man, under the alias Eui. Great doses of skill, tact and ear define this dj, when he takes to the decks, fusing different genres of avant-garde and danceable electronic music.

His first contact with the decks was in 2001 when he bought vinyl with a couple of friends who had their own equipment. After several years he bought his own equipment, to be able to continue with his passion and in 2007 is when he really started to play in several parties and some festivals and from there he started to play in different venues in the area. From a very young age he was always attracted to the more underground sound influenced by several family members and friends who worked in the nightlife world, house music, techno and minimalist sounds were his preferences when it came to DJing.

He is currently in the process of getting more into the world of production, to be able to create his own music, but without leaving aside what he likes most to be at the decks.


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