MOAI Platform welcomes Mario L Sound


Artist from Madrid whose beginnings in electronic music and DJ booths date back to 1998, with the boom of electronic music and the clubbing scene was at its peak, performing in small clubs and amater dj competitions.

MARIO L. SOUND handles a wide variety of styles, although the ones he feels most comfortable with are House, Tech-House & Techno.
He lived the technological evolution of the industry and the last few years he has continued his musical training at ADAGIO DJ SCHOOL, where he has had access to new knowledge both technical and musical, which have ended up professionalizing his career, both as a DJ and as an artist, since he handles both the analogue and the most current digital fields. He has made this decision into something sincere and firm, and it is no longer a simple excuse for leisure, but the only possible way for him. He has been part of the line up of big events such as the MUSIC HOTEL FESTIVAL, in 2020 (Toledo), and has shared the booth with great national artists such as Dj Nano, Raúl Ortiz, Abel Ramos, Ardiya or Freeman. A highlight his collaborations in the radio of UNIKA FM with great guests of DJ`s and promoters of events at national level, in the program LOVE KILLS RADIO SHOW. MARIO L. SOUND the most active musical revolution, and an artist concept.


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