February / 11 / 2021

MOAI PRO welcomes DJ Klang & Gabriel I

MOAI PRO welcomes DJ Klang & Gabriel I


MOAI PRO goes to Mexico to welcome two prominent figures of the Mexican electronic music scene. DJ Klang is a legend who paved the way for many who came after him. And one of those who came later is Gabriel I, perhaps currently one of the most important figures in Mexican electronic scene.


DJ Klang


Dj Klang was born in 1963 in Mexico City, his real name is Mauricio Rojas. From a very young age his great love for sound and dance music arises, and 1977 is the year that his career as a dj began. The influences of electronic music that would mark his direction are the records Man Machine by Kraftwerk, and Speak & Spell by Depeche Mode. During the 80’s he worked as a resident dj in famous nightclubs in Mexico City, managing to position himself as a pioneering dj of electronic sound.

His contribution becomes vital for the Mexican scene thanks to the fact that Klang, together with his friend Hector Mijangos, created two of the radio programs that introduced and promoted electronic music in Mexico City. These programs were called Nexus 6 and Technoplex, and they were broadcast between 1990 and 1998. On the other hand, in the field of musical production, Klang, together with vocalist Merlina Acevedo, created the group LLT (1990), a pioneering project of the electronic underground in Mexico. In the period from 1999 to 2014 Klang works as a teacher and academic director of the Dj and Electronic Music area of the G Martell music and audio school, the largest in Latin America.

Klang is one of the two Mexican DJs who have had the great honor of playing two consecutive times on the main stage of the mythical Loveparade in Berlin Germany, in the 2001 and 2002 editions. In relation to his exposure on international stages, Klang has had the opportunity to play in important clubs and festivals in countries such as England, Ireland, Poland, Serbia, Holland, the Czech Republic, Russia, the United States, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Spain.

Throughout his career, Klang’s signature sound has explored a variety of electronic genres such as House, Electro, Tech House, Techno, and Progressive House. Klang’s most recent musical projects are Hartvoice, a project that explores the sounds of Tech House and Progressive Techno, this was created in collaboration with musician and producer Victor Rubin. Können is another of the projects, focused on the Techno sound and conceived in conjunction with the legendary DJ. and producer of Mexican Techno Sintoma.

At present, Klang as a solo artist, is in the studio working on new Techno tracks, during the first half of 2021 some of this new material will be released. The first of these releases will be Paranormal Spy, Hartvoice’s first full-length album, which includes 9 tracks. Then the single Get Rid Of The Fear by Klang will be presented, consisting of 2 tracks, both records released via the Mexican label Euforia Records.


Gabriel I


Gabriel Izarraraz, better known as Gabriel I, is a native of the Mexican city of Juarez. Over the years, Gabriel has become one of the best examples of Mexico’s DJ culture, and is currently one of its most prominent exponents. Such popularity has put him on the radar of electronic music connoisseurs around the world. As a DJ, he has gained wide recognition on an international scale thanks to his expertise and attention to detail.

Gabriel highlights as early influences those radio DJs from his hometown that he listened to late at night when he was in his early teens. Later on, Gabriel cites the great John Digweed as one of his references in the near past.

Gabriel I is also the founder of Tenampa Recordings, a label that has signed a respectable number of important producers throughout its existence. Tenampa Recordings has managed to carve out a well-deserved niche for itself on the international scene, thanks to the careful manufacture of its products. Nothing is neglected at Tenampa, both the content and the container of their releases set the bar for quality very high.

His solid and defined sound has allowed him to play in clubs and festivals in more than twenty countries all over the world … from North America to Central/South America, Asia and Europe.

He has shared decks with artists such as John Digweed, Sasha, Hernan Cattaneo, Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice, Seth Troxler, Pete Tong, Marco Carola and countless other talents on an international scale.

Apart from his own label, Gabriel is now releasing on high quality labels such as Upon You, Motek, Superfreq, Sincopat, Blufin, Selador Recordings (Dave Seaman’s label) and Edu Imbernon’s Eklektisch, to name a few. As a radio broadcaster, his show Mexiconnection is aired every week on the influential Ibiza Global Radio.



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