June / 2 / 2021

MOAI TECHNO LIVE SETS RECORDS first release – Cristian Varela / My Roots EP

MOAI TECHNO LIVE SETS RECORDS first release – Cristian Varela / My Roots EP


Rarely do astral conjunctions occur in the long life of our universe. But on this occasion, in the musical universe, there is a concurrence of three events that make up a very special circumstance.

The first is a new release by Cristian Varela. It would be so redundant for us to explain at this point who Cristian is so, we will leave it at a brief outline of the career of one of the most important names on the electronic music scene in recent decades. Dj, composer, producer, promoter and entrepreneur, restless, unstoppable, researcher… the list could go on for a long time and we would continue to find facts and adjectives that would continue to define to perfection this kid born in the traditional Chamberí neighbourhood (Madrid) who started his career spinning vinyl on multiple decks with a mastery that left those who saw him stunned.

The second event ties in perfectly here, and that is the celebration of Varela’s thirty years as a professional. If anyone has not known who Cristian Varela is in the last thirty years, they have surely just arrived from Mars on an interplanetary flight. A pioneer of electronic music in Spain, he is one of the few protagonists of that incipient scene of the nineties of the last century that has remained at an outstanding level throughout all these years.

The third event is the birth of a new record label: MOAI TECHNO LIVE SETS RECORDS. This new project is a joint venture between MOAI and Techno Live Sets, the most important underground electronic music promotion website on the planet, through which you can listen to Techno music sessions by the best DJs in the world.

MOAI is the world’s unique and pioneering electronic music ecosystem for artists, clubs, labels and schools. It is a network where all members of the ecosystem interact with each other in order to evolve and advance the scene. They design a one-stop solution for the complex needs of the electronic music industry.



Let’s go back to the first and most important event. Cristian Varela has created two new tracks for this EP, which opens with My Roots and no one better than himself to tell us about the tracks.

“Inspired in my first releases in labels such as Primate Recordings where I recreated some of my best rhythmic sequences. In My Roots I created also a powerful bassline coming from my loved SH101 to find a pure conceptual 90´s Techno!.”

On Armageddon, Cristian gives us the clues about his inspiration and creation:

” A very deep and atmospheric creation thinking in the fragility of the planets. I tried to transmit this fragility thru clean sounds & sequences made with one of my favourite synthesizers Roland System 8. The concept is to find a very spatial and harmonic atmosphere!”.

This first release from MOAI Techno Live Sets Records will be released on June 18th, available for pre-order here.

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