April / 12 / 2021

Nick Curly – What If

Nick Curly – What If

photos Nick Curly Facebook


Nick Curly kicks off 2021 on his own label with a new EP called What If. 8 Bit Records is the Mannheim native’s label, a home to a number of major names in electronic music since its founding in 2005.


In this case, one of its founders releases two tracks of classic Deep House. What If opens with a complex rhythmic pattern to which synth pads are added in a growing and hypnotic movement. A classic track that raises the pulse of the dancefloor when the set is in a peak point. Sunday Morning anchors its rhythm with a slightly higher beat than the previous track, also oriented to hot and sweaty nights.
Nick Curly is synonymous of proven solvency in his productions, and the latest is another proof of his great skills. Choose your purchase platform here



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