May / 11 / 2021

NPC – Vision

NPC – Vision


The release we bring you today in MOAI Magazine is an international effort that takes us to almost every corner of Europe.
The authorship of the track is purely Hungarian, signed by NPC, who are two producers from Budapest, Peter Csabai and Zsolt Golarics, better known as Nanofeel. In the remixes, we continue in Hungary with Ferenc Topa, aka Reelaux, to then move on to Italy with Christian Monique and finish in Germany, with the great Ingo Vogelmann.


To close the circle, we have two members of MOAI Platform, Brent Lawson, artist of our roster and supremo of Pro B Tech Music, MOAI’s partner label, also located in Scotland.
Pro B Tech Music’s house speciality is always Progressive House, and in this case, Vision follows the canons of the style. But the truth is that the remixes give it an air that certainly differentiates it from the most classic Progressive. Reelaux introduces a precussion that gives it a powerful tribal aroma, while Christian Monique prefers a more trippy approach with sci-fi and hypnotic influences. To top it all off, that craftsman of sound called Ingo Vogelmann introduces a piano that completely marks his remix, and that at times sounds ethereal and at other times even poignant.

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