March / 24 / 2021

Olof Dreijer – Echoes from Mamori

Olof Dreijer – Echoes from Mamori

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At MOAI Magazine we have a special affection for the Dreijer family, Karin, Olof, The Knife and Fever Ray. That’s why we always like to keep an eye on their news.
A few days ago we got the news of a new release from Olof on his label, Rabid Records.
According to Olof himself, Echoes From Mamori was originally commissioned by his friend Adnan Yildiz, who was the curator of an exhibition called There Is No Audience in Montehermoso (Spain) in 2009.


The request was for an instrumental theme that could be looped in the exhibition. Olof had just returned from the Amazon where he had been recording sounds for use in a play and thought he could use those recordings to satisfy Adnan’s request. Thus Echoes From Mamori was born, with sounds of Amazonian frogs sounding like birds, fed into a sampler and then played through a keyboard. The end result, which also included some bird sounds collected in forests around Berlin, is a danceable track that was initially only available as a CD that was handed out at the exhibition.
Now Echoes From Mamori is released and can reach the public thanks to Rabid Records. You can buy it here


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