June / 1 / 2021

Parodia Records first release

Parodia Records first release


We continue in France this week, this time with the colourful debut of a new Parisian label, Parodia Records.

The head and founder of this new label is also one of the two authors of its first reference. Nathan Melja is a producer and DJ who began to be known around 2014, and only a couple of years later he was already releasing an EP on Technicolour, a sub-label of Ninja Tune Records.

He is accompanied on this first Parodia Records EP by Flørist, a Canadian from Vancouver who has been based in Berlin for a few years now.



Wonderland is the name of the EP, which is completely symmetrical and shared 50/50. One track by Nathan Melja – Back and Forth, one by Flørist – Fade 2 Pink and two versions of the shared Wonderland, one by Nathan and one by Flørist.

Colourful, fun and joyful techno fills the EP. Truly a rewarding experience in these days when so much of the Techno being released is rough and too fast at times.

Let’s hope Parodia brings us more releases of this style, refreshing and dynamic. Wonderland is available for pre-order here, with a release date of June 14th.

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