July / 6 / 2021

Preditah´s incursion into House

Preditah´s incursion into House

photo Preditah website


Preditah was born musically speaking in 2005 in Birmingham, UK Self-taught bassist, music producer and DJ, he started out producing for MCs and rappers in his hometown before moving into the UK’s underground Bassline scene. He released his first EP “Solitaire” in 2011, catching the attention of the UK Grime scene. After joining the Boy Better Know collective in 2013 came calls to remix for the likes of Chase & Status, Lethal Bizzle, Jessie Ware and even Disclosure.
Since then, his career has reached new levels of influence and popularity. But on today’s release, Preditah has redirected his style towards other dancefloors. No one better than the artist himself to define it:
“In this present moment I am in love with tech house, so this is my take on the genre. I’ve played a lot of shows in Ibiza and I can imagine Glucose going down well in that environment. 1950 represents a time before my time, a time where
the ‘bassline’ was the top-line melody and the surrounding elements complimented it. I made this for the club scene.”


Indeed, the Birmingham artist has produced two tracks of infectious House that won’t leave anyone standing on the dancefloor. His work is meticulous, perfectly aimed at a clear objective, dancing.
When a creator, an artist, has skills and qualities to spare, he can afford to jump into other styles with a result as effective as this. We will see which way Preditah will go in his next releases.

Release date: July 30th. It can be pre-order here



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