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Recycled Sound returns to the scene

The veteran electronic music promoter Recycled Sound returns to the scene with a series of events in different locations, always under the common thread of Techno, but open to other avant-garde alternatives such as Elektro, IDM or the most experimental sounds.

Supporting the national scene to the maximum, Recycled Sound proposes to start the year with a first event in a secret location in Madrid with two well-defined areas, where the VOID sound, Techno and Elektro will lead the way.

For this first event on 22.01.2022, Recycled Sound proposes a 100% local line up with an outstanding selection of veteran and emerging artists.



Recycled Sound, founded in 2000, has carried out events and artist programming all over Spain, promoting the different musical trends that in those years were timidly emerging in the clubbing scene, such as Drum & Bass, IDM, Elektro or more Experimental sounds, with Techno as a base.

The Recycled Sound logo was designed by the creative studio Ipsum Planet following the idea of transmitting, without making any reference to past times, the constant search for the new, being this idea perfectly captured in the 3 arrows isotype. Recycled Sound is renewed respecting its original philosophy. Recycled Sound is synonymous with avant-garde.

In order to ensure access, we recommend you follow this link

FB: recycledsoundevents
IG: recycledsoundevents
Email: WhatsApp: +34 609 056 291