May / 5 / 2021

Ritzi Lee – Negentropy [1/3] – Foundations

Ritzi Lee – Negentropy [1/3] – Foundations

photo Áaron Süveg


Today we explore a release from a label we’ve been meaning to review in MOAI Magazine. And that label is Mord Records, founded by one of the biggest names in Dutch Techno, Bas Mooy, who always brings us pure, uncut, unadulterated Techno in its roughest forms.
The artist whose new work we present here is another reference of this Dutch Techno. Steve Richard Leim, better known as Ritzi Lee, is a veteran in the booths and in the production of high-octane Techno.
Negentropy [1/3] – Foundations is the title of this mini album of five tracks on vinyl, which becomes an album with the two additional tracks in its digital edition, which will be released on May 14th.


Ritzi Lee offers us a hypnotic Techno sound that shreds with very elaborate rhythmic bases that make his tracks have that immediate hook. To accompany and decorate that base work, the Dutchman works the sonic textures with great dedication. In the vinyl edition we were definitely hooked by one of his tracks, Automation, but perhaps the favourite in the MOAI Magazine office was one of the extra tracks in the digital edition, Backup, which took us back to the times when some pioneers were shaping Minimal. The other bonus track on that digital edition, New World, also breaks the norm for the entire release. Two interesting attractions to get hold of that edition as well.



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