July / 9 / 2021

Robert Dietz – Schnups EP

Robert Dietz – Schnups EP

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Robert Dietz, despite being based in Berlin, is a natural son of that new Frankfurt sound full of waves of Techno and House. Dietz is perhaps one of those names that arouse admiration in the connoisseurs of the most underground electronic music, but which is probably still undervalued.
Whether in the studio, his natural habitat, or in the booth, he is a hard-working perfectionist of proven solvency, and his releases have been appearing on a multitude of labels for almost a decade and a half now. On this occasion, for the first time and with catalogue number 69, Robert releases on Live at Robert Johnson, the label of the Offenbach am Main club where he has been resident for a long time.
It all seems like an astral conjunction, and the result is called the Schnups EP, and as is the house standard, of tremendous quality.


Four tracks make up this release, which hits the market today July 9th in digital and physical (vinyl) format. It opens with Kirby, which could well be inspired by the Nintendo video game character, with an acid bassline that meanders merrily through the track’s melody. It’s followed by Honey Stash, which is based on a tight 303-style snare sound, with a vocal sample and continuous filtering that achieves the goal of an entertaining dance cut. Swallowing Tubes begins with an ambient spirit that gradually gives way to an electro beat that could be the soundtrack to an after party at the turn of the century.
WAW completes this EP with a very dreamy inspiration, in the line of the previous track, with a tremendous elegance.
Every release from Robert Dietz is an event to celebrate, and Schnups hasn’t broken that rule. Available now here.


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