June / 23 / 2021

Saoirse launches her label with her Trust EP

Saoirse launches her label with her Trust EP


Saoirse Ryan, better known simply as Saoirse, has just launched her own record label called Trust and kicks off the catalogue with her own Trust EP.
Although this is only her second release as a producer (her third if you count a 2020 collaboration with Shanti Celeste), she is a veteran in the DJ booths of the world. She has shared this position with the best names on the international scene, in the best clubs in Europe, Asia and America.
A socially and politically committed Irishwoman and avid vinyl collector, her presence on the dancefloor is a guarantee of proven solvency, adapting perfectly to the vital vibrations of those who populate it. Eclectic in her performances, as the greats always are; to be able to entertain and make an audience vibrate without sticking to a single style is within the reach of very few.
As it could not be any other way, this record release was going to stick to those parameters. Trust is made up of four tracks that navigate in waters of different depths, with a common denominator, aiming directly at the heart of the dancefloor.



Trust opens the title EP with a perfect interpretation of the most exquisite Tech House, pulsating but without being monotonous and boring. The next track, (.)(.) seems to have a more Techno start, but a groovy pattern unravels the track into something much more upbeat. Drop The Bass begins with accelerated vocal samples accompanying a frenetic beat and the EP closes with La Burbuja, a melancholic track that could very well be inspired by the global situation of the last year.
Saoirse launches her label with an excellent release, we wish him all the luck and that the following references have this great level.

Releases July 26th, 2021


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