June / 28 / 2021

Sascha Braemer – Who Died And Made You King EP

Sascha Braemer – Who Died And Made You King EP

photo Sascha Braemer Facebook


This release brings together several nationalities with an excellent result. On the one hand we have Sascha Hirtenfellner, better known as Sascha Braemer, a Berliner who is the author of Who Died And Made You King EP, on which there is the vocal collaboration of Dom Fricot, a Canadian of Swiss and Mauritanian descent who lives in Berlin.To remix the title track of the EP and from the south coast of Italy (Bari) comes the great Fedele, who on this occasion brings us his more Electro side (which he explores on other occasions with great skill under the alias of Sharp Felon).
All this is put together and mixed under the supervision of Braemer, who has been producing tracks for more than two decades and for the release is entrusted to Systematic Recordings, the German label of  Marc Romboy which is located in Mönchengladbach.


The outcome is powerful. Who Died And Made You King, begins with a hypnotic loop of almost surgical precision to which is later added the percussion track, Dom Fricot’s vocal and a perfect bassline to form a great crescendo.
Fedele’s remix from minute zero heralds an electro blast that revolutionizes the original first with Dom’s vocals and then with a relentless beat to tear the dancefloor apart.
Closing the EP is Mars 96, an instrumental that serves as the perfect epilogue to the release.

Release date for July 9th, available for pre-order now here.

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