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Sasha Carassi & Paralel – Kill The Monster EP

Paralel and Sasha Carassi present 'Kill The Monster EP'.

And they do it, for charity, on Ukrainian label Eleatics Records, with vocals by Davide Famularo and remixes by Audiojack and Lehar.

Kill The Monster’ is the EP release by Italian producer Sasha Carassi and Valencian producer Paralel, featuring the melancholic vocals of Davide Famularo and remixes by Audiojack and Lehar. It includes four tracks distributed in two originals and two remixes. All proceeds from the sale of this release will go to humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian people.

Paralel and Sasha Carassi, in ‘Kill The Monster’, synergise in a happy collision their electronic sound -associated to melodic techno with minimal house leanings- through the mixture of the analogue warmth of the synths and the raw rolandian percussions –specifically the iconic 808 and 909– with the emotive and deep voice of David Famularo that, without a doubt, elevates the track to another superior dimension. A cut, sophisticated and danceable, that moves and moves.

The remix signed by Audiojack -from UK- turns it into a tech-deep-house passage that knows how to let itself be caressed by emerging atmospheric synths and those manipulated vocals that emerge over a textbook bassline, and the original melody, to end up breaking where it should: the dancefloor. Extraordinary.

While Lehar manages, through his remix, to place ‘Kill The Monster’ in a more meditative plane, not so obsessed with the dancefloor, betting on getting to the bottom of a question that, here, seems more nostalgic because of the beautiful and respectful treatment of its melody and vocals. Great work by the Venetian producer.

Finally, Paralel is seen, together with Sasha Carassi, in ‘Nomads’ through, above all, that raw analogue lead that is so characteristic of his sound. Those constantly evolving arpeggios take centre stage, accompanied by the mysterious sound of a desynchronised synthesizer that manages to evoke the sound of a sitar. Davide Famularo puts, once again, the exquisite vocal accent to a cut that seems to have a life of its own, mutant, unexpected and attractive.

Artist: Sasha Carassi & Paralel
Album: Kill The Monster Ep.
Label: Eleatics Records
Ref: ELS051
Release date:  April 8th 2022
Format: Digital