July / 11 / 2021

Shire T debut album

Shire T debut album

Photo Sam Neill


One of the halves of Maribou State is Chris Davids, and in 2017, as a way of working for Maribou State’s dj sets, Chris created Shire T. That incarnation took on a life of its own, and it has led to Shire T releasing Tomorrow’s People, his debut album, on 20 August this year, 2021.
This development was due in part to the mandatory hiatus of Maribou State’s production due to the pandemic. It was then that Chris decided to give a boost to his solo work as Shire T which has resulted in the creation of this debut album, to be released on Dama Dama, the Maribou’s own label, distributed by Ninja Tune.
As always, nothing better than the artist’s own words to define his work:
“I started feeling really nostalgic” he explains, “Sometimes you need a purpose to make music, something to work towards, but with this it was very much the opposite. It felt like the future had been erased and I ended up delving back into the past, into all the dance music that inspired me when I was growing up. It became a way to escape the madness that was going on at the time”



The definition is perfect. Lead single Blue Kiss is underpinned by a TB-303 bassline and analogue snare rhythms, or the album’s opening track, Full Attention, which is deeply influenced by 90s raves. On other tracks, such as London. Paris. Berlin and Serve No Tea, there are pianos that soften the tracks, while still giving them that personal touch.
An impressive debut album for a producer who already has an extensive career in the music business. You can pre-order the album here


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