March / 20 / 2020

Shocknorte: “I always try to incorporate melodic references”

Shocknorte: “I always try to incorporate melodic references”

Unai Huguet was born in San Sebastián, Spain, and his relationship with electronic music began as a teenager when he used to record CDs for his friends and play music at parties. But things started to get more serious when, at the age of 21, he decided to create his alias, Shocknorte, through which he began to produce music from his computer and as a self-taught person.

The key to understanding his approach to electronics is in the trade he inherited from his father, who is a computer technician. Learning to break down computers brought him closer to the idea of ​​producing tracks than of playing live. “Compared to people who perhaps plunged into the pool head first, I did not want to face the public,” says Huguet on the other end of the phone, in quarantine from his Donostia home.

“I preferred to have a comfort, because I always took it very seriously. I wanted to do my best for people to enjoy. For this, I considered that I should have a confidence in my abilities. Until I saw that I had that level, I did not want to face the public, although my friends asked me to. I preferred to have certain resources in my suitcase first”.

The word self-taught defines an artist as Shocknorte, who first learned to DJ with a mixer that he bought from a friend of his. From then on, he began to equip himself little by little, until he went through an analog period that is already part of the past. “I have already returned to the digital world. I have gone from the future to the past, to return to the future,” he laughs.

The DJ has dabbled in the remixes of classic artists like Rafaela Carrá, and also thrives on influences from blues, jazz and soul, thanks to his uncles’ huge collection of records. “I like that everything is not always so hard and I try to incorporate softer and more melodic references,” he explains.

Shocknorte tracks can be found on Soundcloud or Spotify, where he has released singles and EPs since 2018: “X Dance”, “Right Now”, “Old School” and “Mr Rumble”. “As an artist I have had a change not so abrupt that as a listener. When he went out partying, he would take another more techno progressive style and things like that. When I started to play I already had a more salsa style and house. A sound that allows you to be as full as you can be calm having a drink. I have always been in love with techno and I tried to mix it with house depending on the venue and the times. I like the job of leveling the session with the audience in mind,” he says when explaining his quest as a DJ.

His work has allowed him to play alongside great leaders in global electronic music such as Lee Vandowski, Uner, Inigo Surio, Antonio Vinciguerra, Toni Varga or De la Swing, among many others. “I started a little bit like everyone else, going out to the clubs and so on. From there I began to investigate how music worked. In the end, like all the crews, there is always one who is the most crazy about music or who is most focused on that topic. ”

The coronavirus crisis is no stranger to his reality, and despite the fact that quarantine represents a decrease in activity, Shocknorte decides to take advantage of the time to continue producing original material. “It is a little difficult because of the current situation, where the music business is a little bit screwed up and I have to combine it with a job. It is the war of the whole world: taking time from one side and putting it in the other. With time I already found a little routine and the head gets a little used to it. I organize myself according to the volume of work that I have of each thing,” he explains.

The man from San Sebastián knows that when he passes the quarantine he must be prepared for a new high season of festivals and clubs in Europe. “I try to cover everything possible, I do not close to anything and I have no borders. As long as transport and airports are open (laughs). ”


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