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Sigourney Discs present La Fraicheur & Leonard De Leonard

La Fraicheur & Leonard de Leonard - “Rinse Repeat” EP

While driven by the desire to support and highlight the Catalonian local scene, caring for its growth from the present and from the point of view of each artist, Sigourney Discs remains aware of the rich link between local and international contributions, working hard to publish all that precious and elusive material that sometimes does not find its place in the music industry.

The label is happy to present its third release. Rinse Repeat is the new EP from Barcelona-based French producer La Fraicheur and Berlin-based French producer Leonard de Leonard.

The Rinse Repeat EP shows the duo’s wide spectrum of love affairs with techno’s rich universe of sounds and moods.

  1. Rinse Repeat is built around a raspy and ever-evolving playful acid bassline with added drama from sound design and distorted glitchy gimmicks.
  2. Mind The Step is taking the sound design-induced drama a step further with a slow burning spacious and epic cavernous fantasmagoria that flips itself on the head half way through, becoming a vengeful track driven by a menacing yet groovy gritty bassline.
  3. Fairies Bootcamp Ethereal and eerie skidding melodies balance out a grounded martial rhythm as if you had, on a forest walk, stumbled upon an army of fairies in a training camp caught mid-flight arming themselves to take their land back. The soundtrack of a supernatural call for arms.
  4. Fairies Bootcamp (Yandira Sleep Dance Remix)

Artist: La Fraicheur & Leonard de Leonard
Album: Rinse Repeat Ep.
Label: Sigourney Discs Records
Ref: SD003
Release date:  March 4th 2022
Format: Vinyls (350 Copies), Digital