March / 22 / 2021

Sofia Kourtesis – Fresia Magdalena EP

Sofia Kourtesis – Fresia Magdalena EP


At the beginning of February, we dedicated a feature to Sofia Kourtesis on the occasion of the first preview of the EP Santa Fresia. That preview was La Perla, which has been playing in the MOAI Magazine office on continous play since we heard it for the first time.
But the truth is that we were anxiously awaiting the release of the EP to be able to hear it in full, something that happened just a few days ago via Technicolour /Ninja Tune Records
And it seems that the situation will repeat itself again. It has already been the most listened during these days, the wait has been worth it and the result isn´t disappointing at all. The Berlin-based Peruvian has undoubtedly brought us one of the best albums of the first quarter of this hopeful 2021.



The hypnotic wonder of La Perla has been joined by By Your Side, which we were lucky enough to hear in the second preview of the EP with great vocal samples, cascading arpeggios and, as always, incorporating elements of her homeland sounds into the dancefloor. Nicolas is a heartfelt yet joyful tribute to her recently deceased father, in which Sofia includes vocal samples from her dad. In the next track, Juntos, the rhythm becomes Andean and the EP closes with another tremendous track, Dakotas, which starts with a rhythmic base that makes you enter a hypnotic and danceable trance.

You can purchase it here

The EP is fantastic, to propel Sofia’s career in a vertiginous way… What will be her next surprise?


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