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Sölna – Memories Of An Anmesiac EP

Sölna discovers Memories Of An Anmesiac EP.

The artist from Zaragoza, Miguel Arrieta, now brings back his project Sölna and presents his new work, on the No Where Records label, with which he returns to music through a with an album that is both emotional and melodic.

From Menorca, we receive ‘Memories of an Amnesiac’, a new EP signed by Sölna, a sound project by Miguel Arrieta – best known for his techno and trance facet – which originated in trance – which originated in 2011. After seven years of impasse, this EP was conceived in Menorca, during the months of from Menorca, during the months of the pandemic, which is precisely when its author feels that he is author feels that he is happy again composing music after a period of time that was certainly away from this sensation due to different vicissitudes in his personal and professional life.

‘Attic Edit’ is a cut of abstract, cold and brittle pop – as minimalist as it is rarely emotional – with a rarely emotive – with UK tech-dub leanings and a deep neoclassical background. neoclassical background. A ghostly voice (his own) emerges from pain; but not just any pain, this one is deep and irreparable. but not just any pain, this one is deep and irreparable and part of the loss of sound memory. sonorous memory. It was the first cut composed on this EP and was created in just three hours, with a laptop.

‘Impasse’ features sensitive synths, micro-house, jazzy percussion and contrasting breaks. Over them emerge acid but exciting melodies and diffuse, short, gag-like and diffuse, short-tongued, gagged vocals. Until they end up breaking into a bizarre fanfare bizarre fanfare in which a liquid and unruly synth line seems to be against everything, or nothing.

‘The Highland Room’, the modular and the organic -piano- converge in a fascinating synergy, in a happy collision, in this homage to the Rhodes mkl, which is the main instrument of the theme. The arpeggios, the main melody and the bass of the cut follow one after the other. Tangerine Dream and Rodelius floating in the atmosphere. Everything fits together in a delicate, timeless passage, where it dawns slowly knowing that only in a few hours it will all be over again. And start again.

‘Koch bacillum’ is piano, synths and vocals. Pop and lo-fi electronica in 3/4. Humming overlapping, soft, warm. Friendly distortion, thick bass and constantly modulating synths. constantly modulating synths. There is a certain jazzy sonority in the chords and the harmonic harmonic cadence of the theme. The Koch bacillus is associated with tuberculosis, a disease suffered by Miguel Arrieta in 2004.

Artist: Sölna
Album: Memories Of An Anmesiac EP.
Label: No Where Records
Ref: NW007EP
Release date:  March 18th 2022
Format: Digital