August / 1 / 2020

Spanish platform MOAI announces its global strategic alliance with US TECHNO LIVE SETS

Spanish platform MOAI announces its global strategic alliance with US TECHNO LIVE SETS

Madrid, July 2020.

The Spanish music and DJ platform MOAI and the US TECHNO LIVE SETS are delighted to announce their global strategic alliance offering an enhanced range of services to clients and benefitting music lovers across the world.

The new alliance will allow both companies to build on their established brand offerings for the benefit of their artists, clubs, record labels, dj schools and all those who collaborate with the platforms.

“Each of our brands have different service offerings and will complement each other very well going forward. This association will allow us to offer a much more complete service to our clients from all over the world ”said Nel Cooper, CEO of MOAI, who added “we are going to continue working on our projects highlighting and promoting talent from each region of the world with quality, coherence and honesty”

As a result of the alliance, MOAI becomes the official booking agency and promoter of exclusive Techno Live Sets events.  Work is already being done on proposals to bring events to clubs globally featuring brand artists as well as the development of a TECHNO LIVE SETS Festival.

MOAI also recently announced their latest streaming project, eLandscapes (short for Electronic Landscapes). eLandscapes is a cultural project promoting the historical, cultural and gastronomic heritage of regions by showcasing iconic locations in different countries with the participation of roster artists. The project has already captured the attention of various brands and covers several platforms covering more than 10 million followers. The first episode is expected to be released very soon.


About MOAI

MOAI is a pioneering global project established in 2019, offering a comprehensive range of services for artists, clubs, record labels and dj schools on a single platform.

The mission of MOAI, or as they like to call it, its DOGMA, is to promote electronic music encompassing its different musical sub-genres (between Deep house and techno) and to contribute to the musical and personal development of clients and artists.  Inherent within MOAI are the ethical and responsible values ​​of a solid work ethic, integrity and honesty.

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