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Swedish House Mafia launches turntable in collaboration with IKEA

IKEA and electronic music artists Swedish House Mafia together explore music and creativity at home to make everyday life easier for those who produce, perform, play or just love music.

Today, at the IKEA Festival at the 2022 Milan Design Week, IKEA revealed three more products from the upcoming collection, which spotlighted a desk for music production, an armchair, and a record player for the collection called OBEGRÄNSAD, launching in Fall 2022.

The collection’s name, OBEGRÄNSAD, was first revealed at the IKEA Festival in Milan. OBEGRÄNSAD is Swedish for unlimited, and the name hints at the target group of the collection: those with a limited budget but unlimited creativity. With the OBEGRÄNSAD collection, IKEA and Swedish House Mafia aim to democratise music production at home and enable the many to unleash their passions and creativity.  

The reveals featured three key products from the collection: a desk, an armchair, and a record player. The OBEGRÄNSAD collection has the versatility to offer solutions for the home setup, whether you are a music producer, DJ or musician. It offers solutions for simply relaxing and listening to music. 

“The design supports creating, playing, enjoying and even just setting the mood,” says Swedish House Mafia. 

The OBEGRÄNSAD record player celebrates the timeless joy of the listening experience with vinyl records. The record player has a sleek, minimal style and works with the ENEBY speaker.  

“The solid, chunky design gives the player a presence in the room. It transmits the physicality of music in the collection, making it really claim space with the attitude of music woven into it – rather than making it blend,” says Friso Wiersma.  

The OBEGRÄNSAD collection will be launched globally in Fall 2022. With this collection, IKEA and Swedish House Mafia explore the topic of music and creativity at home to make the everyday life easier for the many people listening to and creating music. The collection will include more than 20 home furnishing products, making living spaces better suited to the needs of music creators and music fans around the world. 

IKEA desk for music production