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Syncosis – Far Away We Go EP

New release on Awen Records, Far Away We Go EP.

Syncosis which is a short for “Synchronized Hypnosis” is a Beirut based full time DJ, music producer, composer and live performer. He currently produces ethereal / progressive /melodic techno and his music ranges from aggressive rave music to soul-elevating music. Syncosis has been perfecting his craft for more than a decade and with his experience, he now produces soul-penetrating records. One of his greatest talents is how effortlessly he can tell a story through his music by immersing the listener in all the simple yet complex layers of his records. To add, he is one of the best electronic music instructors in Lebanon teaching DJing, music production, sound design, music theory, audio engineering and other music-related topics.

The EP was made with analog synthesizers like the moog sub37, model D, king korg, korg ms20, roland ms101 and more. Each track has its own story and energy made with passion with a collaboration with 2 vocalists (Weisel and Rudi)

Far Away We Go start slowly and increase in a romantic sound telling an imaginary story in an ethereal atmosphere. Melodic Techno.
Can You Feel It the second one is more tough on the beats with an artistic sound that is all along this song. Indie Dance.
And the third Rage is the expression of a sound charged with darkness and a latent hate of the DJS. Progressive House.

Artist: Syncosis
Album: Far Away We Go Ep.
Label: Awen Records
Ref: Awen158
Release date:  March 7th 2022
Format: Digital