June / 4 / 2021

Techno artists helping Colombia

Techno artists helping Colombia


Colombia is going through a turbulent few weeks, as since April the Colombian people have been peacefully protesting against the corruption and injustice of their government. These protests have been repressed by a terrible police brutality with a military attitude towards the peaceful demonstrators.
The numbers of injuries, deaths, sexual assaults and other atrocities committed by the repressive forces are staggering and at the same time being hushed up by the authorities.
While “popular” figures in Colombian music look the other way or turn a blind eye when in former days they were praised for their “closeness to the people”, from Iceland comes a beautiful fundraising initiative.
The proceeds from 100 Years Of Colombia, a tremendous compilation of 99 tracks, will go to various charities such as Desaparición forzada, Movice (Movimiento Nacional de Víctimas de Crímenes de Estado) and Red Jurídica Feminista, among others. ColPaz is an NGO that addresses current social development issues in Colombia, and also brokers support to third party organisations in defence of civil human rights against excessive police abuse; they will redirect these funds to the relevant NGOs.


Reykajvik-based label Planet X, founded by Arnviður Snorrason a.k.a. Addi Exos, has managed to bring together under this noble and just cause a number of the biggest names in the international Techno scene… Kraviz, Mulero, Bjarki, Bailey, Broom, Sims, Dettman, Lekebusch, Matrixxman, FJAAK and many more (full list included).
The artistic part is important and remarkable, but in this case, what is fundamental is the cause, the support for the Colombian people.

This compilation is now available here.



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